Martha Stewart: There's an App for That

Want to bake some cookies, but need the help of Martha Stewart? Now there's an app for that.

Source: itunes

Martha Stewart Living — which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week — announced the release of its Apple iPad app Wednesday.

Stewart says her company is embracing the new digital age for magazines with the app, which was created in conjunction with Adobe .

"This is for everyone to understand the potential of the digital magazine," said Stewart. "We want to be where are customers are — if they are reading our printed material on an iPad, we want to be there," said Stewart told CNBC.

The Martha Stewart Living app includes recipes, videos and direct access to the Twitter feed.

“I think we have the opportunity to reach more women," said Gael Towey, Martha Stewart Living's chief creative officer, adding, "Sixty-five percent of iPad owners are men. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for women to enter this market and experience something that is beautiful, functional and helpful in the kitchen in the garden and all over the house."

Stewart's magazine readership is more than 13 million a month. The company's third quarter revenue was $49.7 million.

"If there are going to be readers using these types of tablets we want to be there now and in the future, " said Stewart.