Eliot Spitzer's Favorite Hooker Is Now a Commodities Trader

The Wall Street Journal's Mary Pilon interviewed Alex Gibney, the filmmaker behind the Eliot Spitzer scandal documentary "Client 9."

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on Squawk Box.
Oliver Quillia for CNBC.com
Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on Squawk Box.

Our favorite part of the interview was learning that the prostitute who was allegedly most frequently patronized by Spitzer is now a commodities trader.

Pilon reports:

DJ: I was surprised that even though Ashley Dupré gets all the press, she wasn’t the main woman allegedly involved with Spitzer through the Emperors Club. You mention an escort named “Angelina,” who is interviewed, but portrayed by an actress in the film, as having repeated meetings with Spitzer. Dupré is referred to as not much more than a one-night stand. How did you find that out?

Gibney: I had no clue about Angelina going into the film. I was convinced it was Ashley. I wanted to do a lengthy interview and I think [Dupré] was nervous about that. Her trainer said they wanted editorial control over her story and I said no. (WSJ note: Dupré now pens a column for the New York Post, which is published by WSJ parent company News Corp.)

The day negotiations [to interview Dupré for the film] broke down, I thought ‘What am I going to do now?’ One of the main characters was refusing to appear. But sometimes, misfortune turns out to be a boon. It led me to dig deeper and I was able to get Cecil Suwall [then CEO of Emperors Club]. And I was able to find Angelina, who was a much more important character.

What was interesting about Angelina was she tells us a lot about Spitzer as a character and the escort trade. I didn’t expect that she would tell us as much as she did about the federal investigation.

DJ: And now Angelina is a commodities trader?

Gibney: Yes. She had a lot of very powerful clients and I guess they were able to teach her things about the way the market worked.

So, does anyone know where she works?


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