SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Subsidiary SITA NEWS, Reduces Costs for Security, Compliance and Audit with Integrated Approach Across All Enterprise Applications Using AlertEnterprise Software Rob Kraanen, Application Security Manager, SITA NEWS Presents Solution at

BARCELONA, Nov 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Increasing efficiency across multiple enterprise applications is a multi-phased and challenging task since the various facets of security reside in silos. From IT security to critical infrastructure security, SITA NEWS has been faced with mounting compliance costs, when having to address compliance separately for different enterprise applications. SITA NEWS was able to employ an integrated approach to simplify its risk remediation process to ensure compliance and reduce audit costs.

"By taking a fresh look at IT Security challenges, we realized we could eliminate laborious, painful and time-consuming risk remediation and role re-design through new technology," says Rob Kraanen, Application Security Manager for SITA NEWS. "SITA NEWS improved management of its user roles, while simultaneously reducing cost and complexity in managing risk across multiple applications." Rob Kraanen's session at the conference highlights new tools and technology for the modeling of users, roles, risks and controls. He demonstrated SITA's methods for better managing risk across multiple sources -- including IAM systems, ERP, HR and other enterprise applications -- to provide more thorough information and better alignment with business.

By streamlining the company's strategy, business users can be engaged in critical processes like access design, access certification, and risk remediation to help bridge the gap between business and IT. Risk and compliance efforts are generally dealt with in silos, producing complex and hard-to-understand reports. Business managers must rely on IT security professionals to decipher these reports and indicate the extent of risk to the business. This process presents a huge challenge for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of IT Security. "By incorporating new technology with a business layer component, we received intuitive decision criteria that business users can easily understand," says Rob.

About AlertEnterprise, Inc., USA AlertEnterprise, headquartered in Fremont, California, USA, delivers security, risk and compliance software for business applications and critical infrastructure, eliminating insider threat and protecting organizations from acts of theft and sabotage. AlertEnterprise enhances security while simultaneously reducing access risk from complex processes like onboarding and offboarding, and ensuring compliance. In addition, AlertEnterprise delivers incident management and response capability through the inclusion of live surveillance video and geo-spatial mapping for complete situational awareness; this capability swiftly uncovers seemingly innocent events, and resolves them across IT, physical access control, and industrial control systems. About SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is committed to ensuring finite availability of our natural resources. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiaries deal with the daily challenge of protecting resources and ecosystems by providing innovative solutions to industries and to the millions of people it serves. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT supplies drinking water to 90 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 58 million people, and collects the waste produced by 46 million people. With 65,900 employees and a global presence, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a world leader exclusively dedicated to environmental services. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a 35.4% GDF SUEZ affiliate, reported sales turnover of EUR12.3 billion at the end of financial year 2009.

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