WISeKey Media(TM) Advertising Platform Introduced During the Monaco Media Forum to Help Companies Monetize Their Brands

MONACO, November 12, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- WISeKey is partnering with media companies in building global digital ID and advertising networks through by connecting brands, ads and digital IDs. WISeKey Media(TM) allows media networks to decide which advertising message to associate with the brand and at which moment to show this message to every person who turns on a computer, cell phone or, eventually, a television.

WISeKey Media(TM) allows media companies to transform advertising from mass messaging into personalized targeted messages to each WISeID customer. The service will eventually allow media and entertainment companies to deliver high-quality, full-length movies, TV shows and videos to the millions of users now accessing social networks.

For one of the first deployments, WISeKey is working with sports and luxury brands to obtain global rights for their digital IDs in order to connect them to the WISeKey Media(TM) Advertising Platform and to link all supporters as part of a "brand ID ecosystem". This consolidation of supporters of the brand on the Web allows integration of the ID into the brand web properties and apps.

"As is the case with our sports brand clients, we understand that the "real money" for sports digital brands is in live match streaming. The contracts to which the brand is party restricts access to this content. We'd like to help companies find innovative ways of generating more revenue from advertising, online commerce, social networks, games, and other online community-themed resources where the sports-brand fans, identified and secured by their Digital ID, can participate," said Carlos Moreira, WISeKey CEO.

"A WISeKey Media(TM) brand is an enhanced form of identity for the passionate fans of a prestigious brand. For fans who want to identify with their club and be an important part of it, a strong identity is an absolute must. The brand digital ID will let fans leave their mark, their authentic signature, across the brand's properties, also making their online experience safer and more secure," said Kevin Blackman, WISeKey CTO.


Olivia Ward


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