Hospitals & Prisons Can Save up to $900M Annually, Says Wind Inc. New system uses wind, solar water heating and 7 other upgrades for hospitals, hotels, prisons and universities

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A combined research effort of Wind Inc., CorPlan Corrections, Visions Southwest, Solaire and Environmental Solutions has resulted in a new coordinated "renewable energy" system that can save large facilities, such as prisons and hospitals, huge amounts in energy.

"In some cases we can reduce the total energy bill for hospitals and prisons by 85%," said Ben Boothe Sr., Chairman, Wind Inc. ( The result of this research has created a unique combination system of end user wind turbines, solar water heating with 7 key upgrades. "We believe the much sought after 'net zero energy bill' goal for large facilities of 100,000 s.f. or more is within reach," said Boothe. Universities and Hotels could greatly benefit from this system.

"Considering that there are 3000 hospitals and prisons in Texas, New Mexico, and California alone, this could be a game changer for these type of properties," said Tom Crown, Chairman of Visions Southwest.

3000 facilities saving $900,000 each results in annual savings of $2,700,000.00 (that is nearly $3 Billion savings per year). Costs in the medical industry continue to skyrocket, and prison overheads have risen. Politicians, both Republican and Democrat, bemoan rising medical costs. This provides a tangible solution that is non-political. This is a pure economic solution using renewable energy.

"Politically, we are spending billions on health care reform, and here is a solution that can save billions of dollars per year, and while doing it help the environment and also support the nation's energy needs," said Boothe, whose companies office in New Mexico, Texas, California, and Indiana.

The use of solar water heating, in which this system can heat water up to 300 degrees, and the hot water lines can be used to heat areas of a building on the way to the water tank. Heating water accounts for 17% to 27% of a typical hospital, prison, or hotel energy bill. The coordinated use of wind turbines can generate 60 to 65% of the energy needs. The balance comes from building upgrades and a 7 point energy application.

Plus, if the facility is a commercial business, 30% of the cost for "green" equipment is recaptured with a Federal Investment Tax Credit. Several states and cities offer other grants, economic development funds, and rebates for green development.

"The Federal Government has mandated that any facility, especially prisons and hospitals that receives federal funds, must use energy savings systems, and we have the systems," said Ben Boothe, Chairman of Wind Inc. ( Finally, current appraisal research from BBA Realty Inc. ( confirms that a facility will increase value by a range of 1.2 to 1.8 times with the addition of wind and solar water heating technology.

Reasons to do this are: 1. The numbers to save money for investors provide a return on investment of 22% to 31% ROI.

2. The tax benefits are exceptional with not only grants, ITC credits, but ability to "depreciate deduct" the investment.

3. This significantly reduces operating costs of hospitals, hotels, universities and prisons.

4. It creates a "compliance" with state and Federal mandates to use "renewable energy." 5. There are excellent community and PR advantages to utilizing renewable energy.

6. Use of this approach creates new jobs, allows banks to comply with CRA requirements in supporting communities, and as energy costs rise, will multiply the savings over time.

Contact: Environmental-solutions for more information or consulting on this: ( Wind Inc., Environmental Solutions, Visions Southwest, Solaire and Corplan Corrections have worked on, consulted with or developed over a billion dollars of hospital, prison, and other enterprises.

SOURCE: Wind Inc.

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