The Franklin Mint Exclusively Presents the Taj Mahal Gold Coin --Rare Gold Coin Contains 68 Cartier Diamonds, Over 2 lbs. of Solid Gold --One of the largest, most valuable coins in the world available for one weekend

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Today, the world-renowned Franklin Mint will unveil a rare and unprecedented work of artistry - the Taj Mahal Gold Coin - at their new Manhattan showroom (8 West 40th Street, 14th Fl.).

Minted and designed by the world-renowned Monnaie de Paris, only 29 of these coins will ever be produced. Officially to be issued on November 17, 2010, the Taj Mahal Gold Coin is not only the first and only French coin comprised of over 2 lbs. of solid gold, but it is the world's first coin to include 68 hand-set Cartier diamonds.

"For any collector or for any investor looking to buy gold, the Taj Mahal Gold Coin offers a unique opportunity to buy a piece of history," said Walter J.

Kole, Chief Numismatist for The Franklin Mint. "Gold has appreciated in value at a historic rate over the past few years, and diamonds retain value in a way that is hard to beat. Couple these investment opportunities with the artistic significance of the work done by both Cartier and the Monnaie de Paris, and this coin represents a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for art, coin and other collectors." The Taj Mahal Gold Coin is valued at $160,000 and is being offered exclusively in the United States by The Franklin Mint, one of the most trusted purveyors of high-value collectible items. The Taj Mahal Gold Coin is one of the largest coins of its type in the world and was designed to appear to specialty collectors.

"Coin collectors wait for items like the Taj Mahal Gold Coin to come on the market with bated breath. A gold coin of this size, inlaid with Cartier diamonds is a rarity that few collectors have ever seen," added Kole. "Given that only 29 of these coins will ever be produced, we anticipate brisk demand for these coins." This magnificent coin is housed inside a custom leather display handcrafted by the makers of the finest luggage in the world, Goyard.

About The Franklin Mint An American icon, The Franklin Mint was founded in 1964 and is known worldwide for its innovative design, meticulous attention to detail and creation of the highest-quality collectibles in the world. The Franklin Mint's peerless archives contain over 12,000 products, including Limited Edition fine art sculptures, heirloom dolls, fine commemorative coins, designer jewelry, precision die-cast models and historic reproductions, as well as collections honoring some of the world's most revered and diverse artists, individuals and institutions, from Andrew Wyeth to Peter Maxx, from Harley-Davidson(R) to the Vatican. For more information, visit:

About Monnaie de Paris Monnaie de Paris, is one of the oldest institutions in France. Its origin can be traced back to the edict of currency by the Emperor Charles le Chauve on June 24 of the year 864. Its factory, located in the West of France since 1973, strikes the circulating coins for all of France, as well as other countries.

Additionally, the centuries-old Monnaie de Paris Museum, located in the center of Paris, facing the Louvre, hosts a stunning collection of precious metal items struck by the Monnaie, including collectible coins, jewelry, bronze casts and official awards such as the Legion of Honor. This historical Parisian site, a former royal manufacturer, was originally built for the striking of coins during the 18th century. Its pre-industrial architecture adds a unique enhancement to its cultural roots and charitable actions. The Museum notably featured the exhibition of photographer David LaChapelle in 2009 and Willy Ronis in 2010 in support of the Care Foundation.

The Monnaie de Paris is a member of the prestigious Comite Colbert, an association with current membership totaling 75 luxury French companies.

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