Chase Employee Says She Was Insulted for Complaining About Copy-Machine Sex

Apparently, having sex on the copy machine is just part of a normal day at Chase Manahattan's South Richmond Hill, Queens Branch.

A former JPMorgan Chase banker, Shivana Persad, who worked at the branch claims that her boss told her to mind her own business after she reported two co-workers having sex near a copy machine.

Persad, a Trinidadian banker, is suing JPMorgan Chase , claiming she was fired because of ethnic tensions. Persad said her Guyanese boss at the bank called Trinidadians "lazy" and "nickel-and-dime workers."

The Daily News reports:

Persad says she was insulted after she complained to a Guyanese manager after witnessing two co-workers having sex near a copy machine in March 2009.

"You Trinis need to mind your own business," she was told, according to court papers.