UK DATA WEEKAHEAD-Inflation, BoE minutes in spotlight

LONDON, Nov 12 (Reuters) - Following are some of the key British economic indicators to be released in the coming week. CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (OCTOBER) Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 0930 GMT (pct change) Forecast Previous CPI yy 3.1 3.1 RPI yy 4.6 4.6 RPI-X yy 4.6 4.6 Economists expect the rate of consumer price inflation to be unchanged in October, remaining well above the Bank of England's 2 percent target. That would force central bank governor Mervyn King to write another letter to finance minister George Osborne to explain why CPI is still more than one percentage point above target. Higher food, fuel and commodity bills will add to price pressures, while muted growth, excess capacity and high unemployment will pull in the other direction. FOR PREVIOUS STORIES, CLICK ON MPC MINUTES (NOVEMBER) Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 0930 GMT Forecast Previous Rates vote outcome (no change/rise) 8-1 8-1 QE vote outcome (no change/more) 8-1 8-1 Analysts will scour November's minutes for any clues about the likelihood and timing of any further asset-purchases. There was a three-way split at the October meeting, with one member in favour of more quantitative easing, one backing a 0.25 percentage point rate rise and the other seven members supporting no change to policy. The focus will be on whether any other policymakers bucked expectations and joined Adam Posen in calling for more QE, which is seen as a more likely option than anyone else backing Andrew Sentance in urging a rate rise. FOR A CHRONOLOGY OF MPC VOTING, CLICK ON FOR RECENT MPC COMMENTS, CLICK ON LABOUR MARKET STATISTICS (SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER) Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 0930 GMT Forecast Previous Claimant count (k) 5.0 5.3 ILO jobless rate (pct) 7.7 7.7 Avg earnings, inc. bonuses (pct) 2.0 1.7 Avg earnings, exc. bonuses (pct) 2.3 2.0 Average earnings are tipped to rise modestly, with any gains lower than historic rates due to corporate cost-cutting, high unemployment and job insecurity. With public sector cuts taking hold, the claimant count is forecast to rise again, albeit at a slower pace than in September. FOR PREVIOUS STORIES, CLICK ON PUBLIC SECTOR FINANCES (OCTOBER) Thursday, Nov. 18 at 0930 GMT Forecast Oct 2009 PSNCR (bln stg) 6.00 6.688 PSNB (bln stg) 9.00 10.145 Economists expect rising corporation tax inflows to give a boost to public finances in October. Higher VAT sales tax receipts and lower unemployment benefit claims may also help to cut the deficit, though there will be upward pressure on public spending from rapidly rising debt interest payments. FOR PREVIOUS STORIES, CLICK ON RETAIL SALES (OCTOBER) Thursday, Nov. 18 at 0930 GMT (pct change) Forecast Previous Retail sales (mm) 0.4 -0.2 Retail sales (yy) -0.1 0.5 After falls in the previous two months, retail sales are expected to have risen modestly in October compared to September. While consumer confidence remains low, retailers will hope shoppers were spurred to make big-ticket purchases before VAT rises to 20 percent in January. FOR PREVIOUS STORIES, CLICK ON CBI INDUSTRIAL TRENDS (NOVEMBER) Thursday, Nov. 18 at 1100 GMT Forecast Previous Monthly orders -24 -28 The orders balance is expected to improve slightly after a sharp fall in October. The boost to manufacturing from a weaker pound and relatively robust demand will come under pressure in the coming months from slower growth and the effects of the tighter fiscal outlook. FOR PREVIOUS STORIES, CLICK ON (Reporting by Peter Griffiths) Keywords: BRITAIN ECONOMY/WEEKAHEAD (UK Economics Desk; Email:; Tel. +44 20 7542 7708) COPYRIGHT Copyright Thomson Reuters 2010. All rights reserved.

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