Extending Hardware Life for Government Agencies

BURBANK, Calif., Nov 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- If there is one common factor amongst government agencies today, it is slashed budgets. Those that are regularly working have the burden of trying to accomplish the mandates of their positions with decidedly reduced resources.

Like most organizations today, public and private, government agencies run on computers. Despite the severe economic constraints, computer equipment must be made to function as long as possible. Hardware refreshes are extremely hard to come by--if they're to happen at all--and the pressure of keeping everything up and running comes down to the overworked IT staff.

"Our current server farm is made up of Dell PowerEdge 1855 and 1955 blade servers which are all attached via fiber channel to an EMC CX300 SAN environment," said Alan McBride, systems administrator with the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Maryland. "This is a little old by today's standards -- we installed this equipment in 2006. We had hoped we could do a complete refresh this year but our business cases were rejected in favor of simply extending the maintenance for two more years.

Budgets are tight so we have to take care of what we have--as they say, if you don't take care of what you have, you never have anything." McBride discovered long ago that file fragmentation would radically decrease hardware life. Hence, he has been depending on Diskeeper(R) performance software over the years to ensure that fragmentation is completely addressed and its many ill-effects are not felt.

"We have been running Diskeeper for so long I don't remember many of the problems we had prior," McBride said. "One significant improvement is an obvious reduction in seek times which leads to a better end user experience.

Additionally, there is an overall reduction in power consumption because the drive is not working as hard. Both of these aspects lower the ambient operating temperatures of the systems and greatly help to prolong the life of mainly the drive itself, but also the motherboard and all other internal components." Utilizing the proprietary IntelliWrite(TM) fragmentation prevention technology, Diskeeper Corporation products prevent up to 95 percent of fragmentation from occurring at all. What little fragmentation that does occur is taken care of through its industry leading defragmentation technology. All of its tasks occur automatically, in the background, using InvisiTasking(R) technology. Today, there are few to no time windows in which to perform system maintenance--hence Diskeeper does not require them. Scheduling is never required, and peak performance and reliability are always maintained.

"With the Diskeeper 'Set It and Forget It(R)' feature I truly don't think much about fragmentation any longer," McBride concluded. "As a systems administrator myself, the less I have to manually maintain the better." SOURCE: Diskeeper CONTACT: Diskeeper Colleen Toumayan ctoumayan@diskeeper.com 800-829-6468 ext. 5305 Copyright Business Wire 2010 -0- KEYWORD: United States

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