Parking Pet Peeves

Every day I find one more reason to love the internet, a place where we gather to laugh, to cry...

To express outrage.

A friend directed me to a website dedicated to calling out people who park their cars as if the whole world was their driveway.


It's called "You Park Like an A**hole" (asterisks added — I run a work-friendly blog). "Sick of a car taking up two spaces on the street?" the site asks. "What about the car at the mall parked diagonally? Now you can do something about it."

What you can do is download a notice and slap it on the offender's windshield. "The owner of the vehicle will be informed of their a**hole status as well as the proper tips to improve their poor parking techniques."

Of course, this requires thinking ahead. You can't be in a parking lot, spot a car sprawled across two spots, and immediately go online to download and print the notice. Not unless you have one of these.

The site has a couple of sponsors, including AutoAnything—"Did an A-Hole mess up your ride? Find auto parts and truck accessories for less at AutoAnything!"

The best part, however, is the photo gallery. Images are ranked by their level of jerk-ness. Each one seems more egregious than the last (lots of Hummers parked in compact spaces). However, the Ferrari versus the truck is extra special.

The website's mission may be noble, but will it make any difference? I'm afraid not. If someone is going to straddle two spaces, one of them for handicapped drivers, and not even pull all the way in, he or she has probably already been called an a**hole before. A lot.

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