What's On: GM's IPO, Home Improvement and Farm Subsidies

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--GM's new and big play into China. Ahead of the IPO we're looking at GM's expansion.

--Caterpillar buying Bucyrus for $8.6 billion. EMC is also buying Isilon for $2.25 billion. It's a big day for mergers and acquisitions, we'll see how the markets react. Find out this morning.

--Plus Lowe's reports this morning. We're looking at that stock and the other in the home improvement business including of course Home Depot .

--Erin's in Dubai reporting on investment opportunities in the Arab world.

--Also this morning, farming subsidies. Take our Street Poll: Now that farms are doing well again, should government subsidies keep growing?

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