Apple's iTunes News: Beatles? Facebook? Longer Previews?


On Apple's homepage this morning, there's a cryptic message: "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes."

Below those words are four clocks, set to 7 a.m. in California, 10 in New York, 3 p.m. in London, midnight in Tokyo. (So is that "tomorrow" or "the day after tomorrow" in Tokyo? You decide.)

So what could it be?

The first thing to jump into the mind of every Beatles fan is that tomorrow could be the day the Fab Four finally come to iTunes. Maybe. But would Steve Jobs release that news on Apple's homepage at 7 a.m. PT? Seems like there would be flashier ways to do it.

What else could it be? Well, there has been a rumor floating out there for a while that iTunes song previews will triple in length from 30 seconds to 90. The rumor makes sense because YouTube partner Vevo already posts music videos for most popular songs in a format where users can access them for free. If Vevo can post a whole song, why shouldn't Apple be able to post half if it helps sell downloads?

A couple of other possibilities: We could get a web version of iTunes (probably a long shot), or Facebook integration with Apple's iTunes social network, Ping.

In the end, the guessing game boils down to this: What announcement would be big enough to warrant a day "that you'll never forget," but small enough that Apple didn't bother summoning the press for a live demo? Hmm.

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