Investors Must Take Advantage of Tax Rates Now: Pro

Investors must take advantage of the lower rates now because of uncertainty over whether the Bush-era tax cuts will be extended, Tim Speiss, head of the personal wealth advisory practice at EisnerAmper LLP told CNBC.

"My concern is that they [Congress] are not going to have enough time to do anything this year with an extender's bill," Speiss said.

Unless Congress agrees to an extension, the tax cuts will expire at the end of this year. Capital gains rates, now at 15 percent, will rise to 20 percent, while dividend taxes will again be treated as ordinary income and taxed at rates up to 39.6 percent.

"We are telling them [clients] to take advantage of the current advantages," he added. "You certainly wouldn't want to wait on the sidelines and miss an opportunity in 2010."

Gifting, currently taxed at 35 percent, is one smart tax move to make today, Speiss said. Accelerating dividends, where possible, is another option for investors.

"We try to deal with facts—and this is where we are at right now," he said.