These Firms to See 'Double-Digit Growth' in 5 Years

Stocks struggled for direction Wednesday following a handful of economic data that confirmed slow growth in the economy. Susan Fulton, president and co-founder of FBB Capital Partners, and Mike Holland, chairman of Holland & Company, shared their best plays.

“There is no such thing as long-term market stability,” Fulton told CNBC.

“What you have to do is have a strategy that takes into account that the market will have moves.”

Fulton said as a defensive play, she prefers big-cap names with self-sustaining dividends, such as DuPont , Verizon and ConocoPhillips .

In the meantime, Holland said he also favors large-cap multinational stocks.

“These companies have balance sheets that can support that kind of [dividend] payout, growth in payout and growth in earnings, because they are exposed to the emerging markets of the world,” he said.

Holland’s picks include ExxonMobil , Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson .

“For these companies, they’ll all grow much more rapidly than inflation in their dividends and earnings,” he said. “You’re looking at potential double-digit growth over the next five years.”

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Holland owns shares of XOM, MSFT and JNJ.

No immediate information was available for Fulton or her firm.