“Decoded” the Relationship Between Jay-Z and Microsoft

My colleague Julia Boorstin who writes the Media Money blogfor CNBC.com takes a look at Rapper/Entrepreneur Jay-Z's new book, "DECODED" which is now on sale.

Jay-Z Decoded book
Jay-Z Decoded book

While admitting that, "the book isn't quite tailored for the CNBC audience, in that it doesn't talk much about his varied businesses: running Def Jam or striking a $150 million deal with Live Nation," Julia does take a look at the unique partnershipbetween Jay-Z and Microsoft .

Microsoft's Bing is hosting a lengthy scavenger hunt built around the book and its spending a million dollars on ads to promote the partnership.

You can read more about the partnership, the scavenger game and how Clear Channel is also partnering up with Jay-Z for "DECODED."

The rapper also says the queen of daytime TV was one of the reasons he wrote the book explaining, "Oprah was a big reason I wrote this book...we had conversations about language and the N word, and while we didn't agree, we left that conversation with a better understanding."

By the way, yesterday I shared my suggestions for gift ideas for those book lovers on your holiday lists and one of the books "My Passion for Design, Deluxe Limited Edition" by Barbra Streisandwas featured on Oprah's show - you can see some of the photographs Inside Barbra Streisand's Dream Home here.

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