Clean Energy CEO on Natural-Gas Bill

Natural gas is “looking up,” Cramer told viewers during Wednesday’s “Mad Money.”

After two years of barely a word about this cleaner, cheaper commodity, of which the US holds immense reserves, President Obama seemed to recognize nat gas’ potential. He mentioned it as a point of commonality with Republicans in his speech immediately following the Democrats’ savage beating in the midterm elections. Now the Senate is pushing its vote on a major natural-gas bill back to 2011 in order to capitalize on the House’s new GOP majority.

General Motors may bank on green batteries to run its cars, which in the end run on a coal-based electrical grid, but Cramer’s still a fan of nat gas’ potential. And the hope here is that trucks and buses will run on it. To get an outlook on the industry as a whole, and that all-important bill, he invited Clean Energy Fuels CEO Andrew Littlefair back to “Mad Money.” Watch the video for the full interview.

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