Halftime: Top Traders Plays on GM IPO

Investors are awaiting a massive stock offering from General Motors, as the automaker confirmed it will increase the size of its initial public offering by 30 percent. If GM can raise the expected $22.4 billion, it will be the largest IPO in US history.

How should you play the GM IPO?

Instant Insights with the "Fast Money" traders

Pete Najarian, co-founder of optionMONSTER.com, said he thinks there's "no doubt" the stock will pop on its first day of trading Thursday. What remains to be seen, however, is whether GM will be able to maintain those gains three months from now. For that reason, he isn't sure GM is a long-term play.

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GM's success will depend on the overall strength of the economy, Najarian said. Lucky for them, we've continued to see Ford Motor's numbers improve quarter-after-quarter. But that doesn't mean GM doesn't have a lot of work to do.

"I think GM's going to have to prove that they are the company that everybody's been building them up to be," Najarian said. "That they've actually come up from the ashes."

If you're set on playing GM, Patty Edwards of Trutina Financial thinks there's a trade in there somewhere. Edwards prefers Ford, though, because of CEO Alan Mulally's leadership style. She credits Mulally with Ford's recent success.

Speaking of Ford, Todd Gordon of FOREX.com noted the stock has seen a 21 percent gain in the past month. Gordon puts resistance at the $18 level. From a valuation standpoint, he thinks Ford's valued slightly ahead of where GM should IPO Thursday. For that reason, he anticipates profit-taking at that $18 level.

Elsewhere in the auto space, Edwards likes Tata Motors and AutoZone on the GM IPO. Veracruz founder Steve Cortes recommends auto suppliers TRW Automotive and Magna International .

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Icahn, currently Dynegy's largest shareholder, called Blackstone's last offer of $4.50 too low and Seneca Capital says Dynegy's valuation is at over $6 share.

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Gordon is long sterling against the euro in anticipation of a bailout of Ireland.

Edwards staying hedged.

Cortes thinks the market could go lower should Apple break $300 a share.

Najarian is encouraged by the volatility, but discouraged by the Shanghai Composite — it's down roughly 10 percent on the month.

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