Kiwi Investment Banker Shares Cancer Struggle—and Hope—on His Blog

A prominent investment banker in New Zealand, recently diagnosed with lung cancer, has started a blog to share his story.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer Treatment

It begins with an opening paragraph that can make you look at life a little differently:

"I have been through an intense health evaluation over the past 3 weeks (arising from an orthapedic specialist spotting an abnormality in the bone at the base of my thumb which had been giving me a bit of discomfort). This resulted in my receiving a diagnosis on Friday 29 October that I have lung cancer that has metastasised to other parts of my body (Stage 4—and there is no Stage5). That is the bad news."

But there is hope:

"The good news is that my cancer is a type (“non-small cell”) that is treatable by chemotherapy (with new drugs such as Avastin +Pemetrexed); my ”never smoked” history doubles the effectiveness of treatment; and my health status (“outstanding”) at the outset gives me a big head start on responding to and dealing with the treatment. Most importantly I am in a very good state of mind for the road ahead. The rapid personal journey I have been on has led me to determine I will live my life day by day and without fear and anxiety. There is too much to get on with and enjoy to do otherwise."

According to an article on the New Zealand news website Business Day , Cameron was recently the Chairman of the government-sponsored Capital Markets Development taskforce—but, despite his prominence in the financial community, he maintains a very low profile.

His recent decision to take this most private battle public was driven by the desire to help others by sharing his own experience.

Cameron is about to begin chemotherapy to treat his illness now. But, sometime down the road, there is the possibility that he may ultimately benefit from new advances in gene therapy for treating cancer and other disease.

As Cameron says on his blog: "Science is evolving new treatments very rapidly in this area, so there is quite high option value in hanging around!''

Cameron has no intention of stopping work, but hopes to find a balance, establishing a "new normal," once he better understands how his body will respond to treatment.

Hat tip: Business Insider


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