Trump Hints at Possible Run for President

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Move over, Mr. Obama. Donald Trump is “mulling over” whether to run for president.

The chairman of the Trump Organization, star of the reality show The Apprentice and pitchman for lots of products, including mattresses, bottled water and a credit card, has high office on his mind these days.

“I am certainly thinking about it for the first time in my life,” Trump told CNBC Wednesday.

The real estate developer, who first floated the idea of a potential run for the White House in October, didn't say when he'd make his final decision or reveal his party affiliation.

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“Frankly, I speak what people really know should happen,” said Trump.

“When they talk about trade wars like it’s a horrible thing. China is taking such advantage. I have friends, I do a lot of business with China. They can’t believe what they are getting away with. I don’t blame them, if they can get away with it, they should get away with it.”

Trump said that he hoped that Obama wasn’t anti-business, when asked about the view held by many in the business community. He also took aim at OPEC and American companies that move out of the country to take advantage of a cheaper workforce.

“Every time this country starts to get stronger, they [OPEC] raise the [oil] price, they sap blood right out of you,” he said, and adding that the US had protected many of the oil-producing countries in the past. “This [high oil prices] is what we get paid back with. It’s sad.”

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