Layoff Rumor Spooking Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital has been quietly laying off employees since this summer. Now, however, the firm is swarming with rumors that big layoffs could be coming in the next few weeks.


Officially, BarCap has always maintained that it plans to increase its headcount as it grows its US business. But over the summer it eliminated over 400 technology and support staff positions, including many holdovers from Lehman Brothers.

Those in BarCap's headquarters today are whispering that the layoffs are about to hit the front office, too. So far, however, there are no pink slips in sight.

"I think they're waiting until after Thanksgiving," one of the whispering masses at BarCap told NetNet.

Barclays could not be reached for comment. But if they could, they'd probably just decline to comment on rumors anyway.