Asia Will Dominate Global Growth in the Next Decade: Strategist

Global investors should place their bets on Asia as the region will dominate growth in the next decade, said Don Gimbel, senior MD & CIO of Carret Asset Management on CNBC.

"Asia is really a place that over the next decade or two, is going to have a predominance of growth in the world," Gimbel said. "As a global investor, you look at where growth is, where there is stable government, companies with good management and good business plans that you understand."

That does not mean investors should strictly invest in Asian stocks, he said, but on big multinationals that are ramping up growth in the region.

"You have McDonald's or Pepsi or Procter & Gamble who are now emphasizing their investments in this part of the world," he noted, highlighting that investors should also search for companies in Australia, Europe that have the same strategy.

Top China Sectors

When it comes to investing in China, Gimbel said he favors the energy sector, particularly the country's largest oil and gas producer CNOOC, which his firm has holdings in.

"CNOOC by far.... is 'the' play in China energy," Gimbel said.

The coal sector should also be considered as it is "not going to disappear as an energy source," he said.

Gimbel also likes expressway stocks, but not the auto sector as he says it is "premature" to invest in Chinese car manufacturers.