How Insider-Trading Probe Is Good for You

The averages may have fell Monday, but Cramer said investors won big, as the federal government cracked down on insider-trading.

FBI agents raided three hedge funds linked to a broader insider-trading probe, which is something that should make you feel better, not worse about the markets. As the game becomes less crooked, investors are put on a more equal playing field, Cramer said.

It should also make you realize that without this inside information, most money managers aren't any better at picking stocks than you are. In Cramerica, investors do their homework to select stocks, and it's always by way of public information. Investors listen to conference calls, review news stories, identify themes and look at which companies might best exploit those themes.

The most obvious theme right now, said Cramer, is the “smartphone revolution,” which is why he's so bullish on Apple and F5 Networks. But he also likes high-growth names like, Netflix and as well.

There are also certain bull markets worth buying, such as in shoes, which includes Nike and Deckers . People also have a need to eat wholesome and healthy food, Cramer said, so Chipotle's integrity concept is a play on that trend.

"You don't need no stinking consultant to nail these," Cramer said. "You don't need inside information. You just need horse sense."

Cramer thinks that by holding onto one of these special situation stocks in the long-term, along with some gold and a foreign stock, investors can not only stay competitive with large hedge funds, but beat them.

When this story published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple.

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