Qantas Approaches Rolls-Royce for Compensation

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Global carrier Qantas Airways is hitting up Rolls-Royce for compensation, as it resumes some of its Airbus A380 services on Saturday.

Two planes, out of its fleet of six A380s will return to the air, after being grounded because of an engine failure in Singapore earlier this month.

Rolls-Royce's Trent 900 engines are used on the world's largest passenger planes - which carry some 450 people.

(SOT) Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas:

After extensive checking of our engines and working through with regulators, both Airbus and Rolls Royce, Qantas has made decision to start A380 operations this weekend, with the first service operating on the QF31, flying from Sydney to London via Singapore.

But flights to Los Angeles - which need more thrust on takeoff, will remain grounded - until "further operational experience is gained" about the engines.

(SOT) Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas:

The routes in question is LA operations so we're voluntarily reducing the thrust on the aircraft and making sure we don't operate out of LA until we have sufficient information going forward about the performance of the engines as we put them back into service.

CEO Alan Joyce says it's still too early to tell how much the engine blow out has cost the carrier.

However, the problems have already hurt the Qantas brand, its shares have tumbled about 11 percent since the emergency landing on November 4.

(SOT) Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas:

That we have grounded this fleet for 19 days. This was a significant issue, we've never walked away from fact that there was significant damage to aircraft. The reason why we took the action we did is because of that, and we've grounded the fleet to make sure that we are fully comfortable with the safety of the aircraft before we put them back in the air. I think that in the medium to long term, will stand the brand in very good stead. People will recognize that Qantas takes safety as a number one priority.

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