Woman Who Questioned President Remains Pro-Obama After Layoff

Velma Hart, the woman made famous at the CNBC Town Hall in September for questioning President Obama about the economy, remains upbeat, following the loss of her job on Friday.

“There’s some ‘bandwidth’ for me to look for the right opportunity, and I’m grateful for that,” Hart told CNBC Tuesday. Hart was laid off on Friday from her position as CFO of AmVets, a nonprofit veterans organization, due to budget cuts.

“That also reminds me that I’m enormously blessed in a way that many Americans really aren’t. They couldn’t carry it [unemployment] that long.”

During the Town Hall television program, Hart told Obama that she was “exhausted” by the problems caused by the recession and asked him how he planned to solve it.

Since then, she has appeared on CNBC twice, become an Internet hit and even was mentioned on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart, on Comedy Central, as Obama’s “kryptonite.” Kryptonite refers to the element that defeated the comic-strip character Superman.

Hart, who remains an Obama supporter, said she plans to test some of the economic programs in place, such as the mortgage loan modification, to see how they work.