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JIM CRAMER, host: Mr. Martinez, welcome back to MAD MONEY. How are you?

Mr. ANGEL MARTINEZ: Good, Jim. Great, great. How are you?

CRAMER: All right, now, I've been going through the research. Have a seat. And there's a lot of talk about--because you have a lot of excess cash, that you're thinking about doing a couple of initiatives, maybe along the line of

men, and then I hear you got blow-away news for us.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Actually...

CRAMER: You got the floor.

Mr. MARTINEZ: ...very exciting news for you. The men's initiative for us is about the brand's power and, you know, opportunity as a brand to men, which we--we've really been a women's kind of brand.

CRAMER: Oh, yeah. Other than the slippers I have, I am--you know I'm a huge UGGs user.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Right.

CRAMER: Other than the slippers, I don't have anything.

Mr. MARTINEZ: And when we first started, it was a men's brand. It was a men's surf brand. That was kind of interesting, goes back many years. Well, we have decided that we needed to just get the word out there, that, you know,

it's a--it's a brand for guys. Give guys permission to wear UGG.

CRAMER: Permission to wear UGG.

Mr. MARTINEZ: And who better than to give guys permission to wear UGG than the relationship we've just--we'll be announcing it tomorrow morning in press release--we've just announced an endorsement arrangement with Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

CRAMER: I hate him. You know why?

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well, are you a Jets fan?



CRAMER: Because he's the coolest guy on Earth. I'm like the least Tom Brady guy. Especially on that Patriot game...


CRAMER: ...he's so darn cool!

Mr. MARTINEZ: Yeah, he is. He's the guy everybody--every guy I know wants to be.


Mr. MARTINEZ: I mean, who doesn't want to be Tom Brady? Exactly.

CRAMER: And I would really love to be Tom Brady. I mean, he does everything. I mean, doesn't he?

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well...

CRAMER: I mean, maybe there's something we don't know about him, but I think he's got everything from--on every single base covered.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well, it's that cool under pressure kind of thing...


Mr. MARTINEZ: ..that is so--you know, guys like that. Everybody wishes you could be cool under pressure. Like you. Like you are.

CRAMER: Oh--why, thank you. All right, so what does he like about them? What do you like about them? Why is this different? Give me the differentiating characteristic between this and, I don't know, or this, and

just some boot that I see at the store or in a men's room.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well, first off, he's been wearing UGG for a long time. So he's been a fan.


Mr. MARTINEZ: And that made things easier because it's a product with authenticity built into it, in the relationship.

CRAMER: Did you go to him, or was he just...

Mr. MARTINEZ: We approached him. No, we approached him, but we knew that he was wearing them.

CRAMER: Oh, no, no, you're saying you first saw him wearing them.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Yeah. Yes. And we said, you know, this is the perfect guy.

CRAMER: Yeah. Close second.

Mr. MARTINEZ: We don't have to shop around the world. Who would be the perfect UGG guy? Tom Brady.


Mr. MARTINEZ: Oh, yeah.


Mr. MARTINEZ: And so, you know, and he throws a better spiral than you do.

CRAMER: That's about it, though. I mean, our hair, very similar.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Yeah, very similar.


Mr. MARTINEZ: Yeah, but, you know, what makes these UGG vs. a similar boot is the comfort. You can wear these barefoot in the snow in the middle of winter. No socks, you know. No socks.

CRAMER: Right. Right.

Mr. MARTINEZ: And nothing else feels like UGG. And it's really about how the product feels, how it makes you feel emotionally. You know, you really feel like you're totally relaxed. You're wearing your slippers. Even when

you're wear these, you feel like you're wearing your slippers. And that's what all these products do, in the same way that women discovered, you know, the brand, largely, you know, through Oprah.

CRAMER: Right. Now, these were the ones that were featured right here, right?

Mr. MARTINEZ: Those were featured, yes. They were featured on Oprah just this last week.

CRAMER: And where do I get them?

Mr. MARTINEZ: They'll be a limited on our Web site.


Mr. MARTINEZ: And then next fall, they'll be in more supply.

CRAMER: All right. Now, these I presume, you got them in time for the holidays.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Yes, these are available. These are available on our Web site, they're available at Zappos, at Nordstrom and Dillard's, all over the country.

CRAMER: Zappos being Amazon. Now, tell me about the worldwide distribution. Because I thought--when I heard you were coming on the show, I was thinking maybe he's talking about the big China move because the China initiative's gigantic for you guys.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Pretty significant.

CRAMER: Right.

Mr. MARTINEZ: But, you know, the UK is a very big market for us. And we've acquired the distribution of our--of our business, and UK was a distributor, did a fine job in the last few years. We've now absorbed that as a subsidiary


CRAMER: Right.

Mr. MARTINEZ: And so now that is part of our sort of vertical model of distributing the brand--opening stores and driving the business ourselves.

CRAMER: All right, let's talk about the stock itself. I remember when Nike started. I remember when you worked at Rockport...


CRAMER: ...and I did a recommend of Reebok. The--Reebok was a one billion and two billion and four--why--explain to me the valuation gap as you see it. Because why should your company be just a couple of billion, and Nike, which is a good company, but, you know, the valuation doesn't make sense vs. Nike.

Mr. MARTINEZ: That's very interesting. I think fundamentally people don't understand what this brand is all about.

CRAMER: Explain it to me.

Mr. MARTINEZ: It's fundamentally about comfort, physical and emotional comfort. That's what Rockport was about.

CRAMER: Right.

Mr. MARTINEZ: In the way that...

CRAMER: Because I've been wearing them ever since.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Right.

CRAMER: Which I bought them before you came to me to do an endorsement for them in the old days.

Mr. MARTINEZ: That's right. That's right. The old days. He still throws a better spiral than you, but we won't go there.

CRAMER: OK. OK. I mean, you know, I mean, like, hey, listen, Peyton Manning's a loser, all right? OK, go ahead.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Anyway, you know, in the end, the brand speaks to people in a way that other footwear doesn't, except when you get into other categories, like, for example, athletic footwear. Certain athletic footwear makes you

feel more athletic.

CRAMER: Right.

Mr. MARTINEZ: It makes you think that you can actually jump higher, be Michael Jordan, you know, be Tom Brady. In this case, these make you feel as if you're just totally relaxed all the time. You know, you're chilling out

all the time, even though you might be--you know, it might be cold outside or you might have had a tough day. Nothing feels better than coming home, putting on UGG.

CRAMER: No, it's being--going skiing, same thing.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Same thing.

CRAMER: And here's what I'm intrigued by. I went over every square inch of research about what you guys are up to. There isn't a single word that you're going to do this initiative. So therefore I have to presume that what you're

doing here is not so-called "in the numbers," it's not in the estimates, which is why it could be so huge.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well, we think there's significant upside. We think that men--and we know this from--for--from our own results...

CRAMER: Mm-hmm.

Mr. MARTINEZ: love UGG every bit as much as women.

CRAMER: They do!

Mr. MARTINEZ: Because a guy has been come--you know, coming to the brand through slippers. That's how he's discovered us.


Mr. MARTINEZ: OK? Or he's discovered us through the cold weather product, OK? Now he's going to come right to the middle, where there's a broad array of product that is UGG, and is now not slippers and not just cold weather,

it's an array of, you know, complete line of casual shoes.

CRAMER: All right. One last question. I've been saying that it could be an UGGs Christmas again, that those who've been saying it's just a fad are missing it, and that 2010 is going to be just as good if not better than the

other years. True?

Mr. MARTINEZ: Well, we like what we're seeing. I'm walking the streets of New York. I'm seeing a lot of UGG on people, so it's a great thing.

CRAMER: All right. You know, I've got to tell you, this guy--you have no idea. This is the man who can make you money. Angel Martinez, he's the chairman, president, and CEO of Deckers, and he is why I have been with Deckers almost from day one. And it is why I think this stock remains one of the single greatest plays for the holidays. And now we got a whole new reason to like it: Tom Brady! Ah--hey! Oh, what can I tell you? He's really cool!

Mr. MARTINEZ: He is cool.

CRAMER: Probably cooler than you, too.

Mr. MARTINEZ: Absolutely.

CRAMER: All right! That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you, Angel. Great to see you, partner.

Mr. MARTINEZ: All right. All right, thank you.

CRAMER: Great to see you. Stay with Cramer, buy Decker. Buy Decker! See you.

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