Janus Halted and Wellington Receives Insider Trading Inquiries

*Update: Janus has resumed trading, as of 2:40*

*Update: MFS tells us that they have not received any request for information in connection with the federal insider trading probe.*

Trading in shares of the Janus Capital Group have been halted, apparently in anticipation of an announcement that federal authorities are looking at Janus as part of their insider trading dragnet.

Bloomberg makes it sound like not too big of a deal:

Janus Capital Group Inc. said it received a request for general information and it intends to cooperate in full with the inquiry.

“Janus maintains rigorous compliance procedures and Janus has confidence in the integrity of its processes and its people,” the company, based in Denver, said today in an e- mailed statement.

Earlier today, it was reported that the company had received an email requesting information concerning the insider trading investigation. We guess the trading halt was merely so that Janus could officially confirm the report.

This is the first time that a publicly held mutual fund company has been drawn into the investigation. Privately held Wellington Management has also received a request, according to Reuters.

MFS Management, which also received an email that is reportedly drawing the attention of investigators has not received any requests for information. (Note: an early version of this item mistakenly claimed they had received a request.)

Courtney Comstock at Business Insider reports that the biggest positions of Janus are: Apple, BofA, Cisco, Celgene Corp, Crown Castle, Exxon, Morgan Stanley, Oracle and Yahoo.

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