Thankful for Options

What are you giving thanks for this year?

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Bill Lefkowitz, vFinance Investments wants to give thanks for weekly options. That’s right—weekly options. Activity ramped up this year since the industry standardized options symbology — making it easier to trade and list options and apparently, to make money.

Bill is also grateful that the CBOE listed the “weeklys” today instead of the normal Thursday listing for expiration the following Friday. If you believe the record high on, most people “working” around the Thanksgiving holiday are shopping online. But Bill is more interested in shopping Amazon puts and calls. Listed today are $165 puts and $185 calls — both worth about a buck, both expiring Friday, December 3rd.

According to CBOE spokesperson Gary Compton, the “weekly” options are selected by corporate news, volume and at the suggestion of 9 exchanges that list options. Right now, there are 35 “weekly” options listed on expected names including Google and the iShare Silver Trust and less expected such as NetFlix. Newly listed is a “weekly” option on

And here's a bonus option: the CBOE and C2 Options exchange plan to list options on General Motors beginning on Monday, November 29th 2010.

All relevant information will be posted on CBOE's websites on Friday, November 26, 2010So, when you’re thinking about all the usual things one might be grateful for this year, think outside the box and listen to Bill —we can all be grateful for options.

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