LAX: Where Are The Crowds?


My husband is a corporate pilot who rarely flies commercial, but he has to fly a, the busiest travel day of the year.

His flight is departing from Terminal 1 at LAX, the busiest terminal at the airport.

He left very early, preparing himself for long lines and the new TSA procedures. "As long as they don't touch my junk, we'll be fine," he said.


He got to LAX three hours early. The freeway was empty. He breezed through security. "It's less crowded than the last time I was here." No special scanner or pat-down for him. He went through the traditional machine, just like the handful of passengers in his line.

Two hours later, I checked back in. Any more crowded? "It's still the same. It's just kinda weird."

Perhaps "National Opt Out"day has had its intended effect. Or maybe it's these new TSA bumper stickers.

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