Mobile Shopping Experience Still Lagging

This is supposed to be the year online shopping using mobile devices takes off.

Apple iPhone
Manuel Balce Ceneta
Apple iPhone

The National Retail Federation predicts 7 million Americans will shop from their smartphones or iPads on Cyber Monday, up from last year's estimated 4 million mobile shoppers.

But the shopping experience is lagging.

Compuware Gomez's index on customer satisfaction finds that, since Friday, mobile shopping has been only "tolerable" for consumers.

"Mobile Web sites are reminiscent of where the overall Web was 10 years ago, performance-wise," says Matt Poepsel, the firm's VP of Performance Strategies.

Compuware Gomez says the top three peforming sites on mobile are:QVC, Newegg, and Walmart.

However, online shopping from a desktop has so far been "solid" in terms of consumer satisfaction, with no major outages or slowdowns reported as customers click and buy in larger numbers.

Compuware Gomez says the top five performing sites are Dell, Williams-Sonoma, QVC, Best Buy, and Sears.

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Consumer Nation - Holiday Central Edition - See Complete Coverage

As for the giants— and Walmart—customers feel the sites have been "performing well" even given spikes in traffic. After all, ComScore says Amazon's visits on Black Friday were up 25 percent from a year ago.

Compuware Gomez concludes: "It is clear that major sites invested heavily to assure good customer satisfaction."

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