Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream Has Quite a Kick

If your kids shoot canned whipped cream in their mouths, think twice before keeping White Lightning, an alcohol-infused dessert topping, in the family fridge.

“It’s meant for a mature consumer,” said founder of the company, Paul Urbanowicz, who started the enterprise in 2005 after quitting his job as a CPA.

The whipped cream product in a can is 35 ½-proof distilled alcohol and comes in a number of flavors including German chocolate, caramel pecan and hazelnut espresso. It sells for about $10 a can.

More specifically, the product is targeted toward women between 35 and 55, who want to use it as a topping for desserts or a “accent” for coffee.

Urbaniwicz said the product is regulated by the federal government and states that sell it. And the labels on the cans clearly say the products contains alcohol.