Smug Alert

There's a very funny episode of "South Park" called "Smug Alert!" which pokes fun at drivers of hybrid cars. In it, Kyle's dad buys a hybrid and attempts to convince the entire town to go green. He ends up creating environmental havoc. As smog drops, smug rises. "Smug" was a new emission made up of "self-satisfied garbage", and South Park ended up with the second highest levels of smug in the nation...behind San Francisco.

Here's "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone talking about the Hollywood hypocrisy which motivated them(Warning: they drop f-bombs).

Today, Chevy begins production of its much-anticipated (mostly) electric Volt.

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Also today, Kelley Blue Bookhas released a study saying only seven percent of drivers would consider buying an electric car. Drivers tell they're concerned about the range on a single charge and the availability of charging stations. The Volt has a small gas engine which can extend its range, and it will now be the most fuel efficient car since the Toyota Prius .

Speaking of the Prius, and efficiency, and bragging is a very funny spoof of a car commercial pitting a Prius owner against his neighbor, played by Andy Richter, who just bought a new Hyundai. Smugness reaches fatal levels.

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