“The World is Ending” Sale

Good news: Americans are spending again.

Bad news: make it quick because the world is ending.

In what is either sacrilegious, hilarious, or both, a Christian jeweler named Larry Falter is running a "Second Coming Sale", offering 50 percent off jewelry in his Wisconsin store.

His commercial, running on a couple of television stations in Duluth, Minnesota, begins with apocalyptic images, and Falter then talks about Christ's return to earth. "I believe we're really close to that day," he says. So let's have a sale! Yes, he is admittedly having a little fun with Jesus AND creating a marketing opportunity leading up to Christmas.


The jeweler tells Minnesota Public Radiothis is the first time he's brought religion into his commercials, but a recent trip to Israel with Jews for Jesus encouraged him to be more open about his faith. "I just thought we would have some fun with it all."

Reaction to the ad has been mixed. One comment on a local blogsuggested that "Jesus should show up in the store and start turning over jewelry cases."

Falter is not ruling out a follow-up commercial—a second coming of the second coming ad.

(How about, "Come on down to the Second Coming Sale, where customers come FIRST!")

"I've had people come in and want to talk about Jesus Christ," he told Minnesota Public Radio, "and I've had people come and say, 'Where are those diamond earrings? I want to buy them for half off.'"

You'd best hurry. You can't take it with you.

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