Here's The Real Reason Why Murdoch Hired NYC Public Schools' Chancellor

Rupert Murdoch
Nick Laham | Getty Images
Rupert Murdoch

When Rupert Murdoch hired Joel Klein—the now former New York City public schools' chancellor —to be an executive vice president at News Corp last month many were scratching their heads.

Why would a top educator join a media company in the middle of an academic year? And what exactly does Murdoch have in store for Klein?

A few weeks after that announcement, came reports of ‘The Daily’—a joint media venture between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Murdoch exclusively for the iPad.

According to an insider, this was not a coincidence.

The Daily—the “highly visualized” and interactive tablet-only news app—will include a “Kids” section that will allegedly contain news and content targeted at the next generation of consumers.

Apparently Murdoch and Jobs are both anticipating that education and media will become primarily tablet-based in the future. Hence, the reason why Murdoch would want a top educator like Klein on board for this educational entrepreneurial endeavor.


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