M&A Will Increase Now That Risks Have Lessened: Ken Moelis

A significant amount of dealmaking will be promoted now that large economic risks, such as the housing market, have less of a hold on corporate boards, Ken Moelis, CEO of Moelis and Company, an investment bank, told CNBC on Thursday.

"I think you are going to see people start evaluate the risks and start to take a chance," Moelis said.

"Some of the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) that has not gotten done is because the boards have been disciplined and knew their stocks were low," Moelis said, adding "there's been no rush to take an immediate 20 or 30 percent premium off a depressed stock price."

He added, "You have several boards who are saying let's get to a better market, let's get to a better time, let's let this economy and stock market take us to a new level."

Although Moelis continues to be very optimistic about M&A activity, he stresses the importance of not getting behind the curve, especially on leverage acquisitions.

"It's like surfing a wave. If you make the wave and start to get in front of it, you have a nice ride. If you miss the wave it's over and it's very hard to catch up," he said.