Yikes! Does That Mean Me?

The answer I suspect is this: Yes—but only in very small measure.


(Let's not be grandiose, after all.)

So, then:


As one of the guys chewing through the Fed spreadsheets at CNBC I can tell you this: The data set are mammoth. Plus, the Fed servers were slammed yesterday and kept melting down under the load.

(Also, the Excel files from the Fed have to run in 'Compatibility Mode' when you're using the most recent version of Excel. Wait, seriously? These files are generated by the central bank of the richest nation the world has ever known? Can't they pay Microsoft the $170 upgrade for Office 2010 and just be done with it?)

Plus, I left Englewood Cliffs on the very last shuttle bus to New York—at 9:20 p.m.—then slept about four hours.

And I only wasted an hour last night at Elaine's. I promise.


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