Why Microsoft Isn’t Apple

As big as Microsoft is, and as ubiquitous as its software once was, the company for a long time has failed to introduce new products to compete with its rivals.

Microsoft’s Zune fell flat against Apple’s iPod. Now Apple’s iPad is dominating the tablet market. And the latest news is that the American government is usingGoogle’s Gmail service instead of the once-dominant Microsoft Outlook. Cramer said he remembers a time when the company launched by Bill Gates led the pack, but those days seem to be gone.

“Microsoft needs to come up with something that we don’t have that we all use,” Cramer said, “like an iPad.”

“These companies have to grow,” Cramer said. “And you have to come up with new things all the time. And you have to be excited about them.”

Microsoft isn’t doing that. Just as J. Crew has launched new concept stores, as has Urban Outfitters , and Chipotle can add an Asian fusion dish to blow out its menu, Microsoft, too, needs to needs to find new avenues for growth.

But Cramer insisted that even a company as big as Microsoft can do it. And revolutionary—or at least new—products and services like Apple’s iPad are how it’s done.

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