What's On: Jobs, the Recovery and the Restaurant Indicator

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--t's all about jobs and your money. Minutes after the employment report is released, our market experts will tell you what they're buying ahead of the open and into the close.

--A lineup of market players share their best recovery trades. And our blue-ribbon panel of economists will take out their crystal balls and tell us which sectors will be going on a hiring spree in 2011.

--A big question for the markets — will this jobs report be a game changer for Main Street, proof the recovery is taking hold for all Americans? We'll answer that, talk sentiment and whether the small investor is "all-in" this market. And if the investor is getting in the game, which sectors are likely to benefit?

--Is December the new January with the so-called January-effect happening now? The dow up 3% in two days, its biggest 2-day increase in five months. We want to know if you think the blue chip average will hit 12k by year end. Share your opinion.

--Plus, the restaurant indicator. Longer lines at eateries could be a positive sign for the economy, spending and hiring. One stock to watch in the space - Dine Equity. The stock up 150% over the past year. Should you get in on this momentum play or are there better ways to bet on cheap eats?

--And since the Washington agenda of taxes, deficits and job creation is dominating Wall Street and your money, Sen. Mark Warner will be along. He's a power player on the Hill, a member of the Banking and Budget committees. We'll ask him if any of his ideas to create jobs and provide business with pro-growth incentives will turn from talk into action.

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