Nuke Gets Subpoenaed

John Kinnucan just got a subpoena from the FBI, according to Courtney Comstock at the Business Insider.

John Kinnucan
John Kinnucan

From BI:

He's taking the news well, saying, "I'm not scared."

"It'll give me a chance to show my innocence."

He received the subpoena just now from the FBI. It's for all his records going back two years.

A little background on Kinnucan:

He's being called Wall Streets hero for calling the FBI's bluff when he refused to wear a wire and sent an email to everyone on the FBI's "list" to warn them about what the FBI was up to—a wide-spread hedge fund insider trading investigation that's being called a "witch hunt."

Since then, he's been the only man willing to talk about what's going on, which is pretty brave considering his involvement in the scandal has already ruined his business, Broadband Research.

He doesn't think the FBI really has much on anyone, and he seems to know they don't have anything on him.

Hat Tip Business Insider