Where Is Steve Schwarzman Going?

Blackstone Group's chief executive Stephen Schwarzman is fleeing the United States for Europe.

Stephen A. Schwarzman
Stephen A. Schwarzman

But exactly where he is going remains a mystery.

Reuters reporter Megan Davies revealed that Schwarzman is temporarily moving to Europe for a few months, starting in January.

From Davies:

"Schwarzman has spent more than half this year overseas, and the move is to help him manage the travel demands of running a company which has offices and investments around the world, while bridging Asian and U.S. time zones the source said.

The precise location of where Schwarzman will live was not disclosed by the source who spoke to Reuters. Schwarzman has various properties in the United States and has a summer home in the South of France, but is not expected to use that as his European office, the source said."

Our guess is that Schwarzman is heading to London or Zurich. What do you think?