Berliners Throw Nude Parties to Protest Rising Rents

All the protesting going on in Europe seems to have finally stirred the Germans to action.

berlin naked rent protesters
Odd Andersen | AFP | Getty Images
berlin naked rent protesters

Apparently, some young Berliners, who call themselves the "Hedonist International," are fed up with rising rents and are retaliating by crashing apartment viewings dressed in nothing but their birthday suit.

The protesting is going on in East Berlin, which is an area that has apparently seen a significant increase in its yuppie population. The Local describes it as being "transformed from a hang-out of squatters and punks to a haven for hipsters and buggy-pushing young couples."

But the young Berliners have had enough of these "buggy-pushing young couples", so they're getting naked, wearing masks and dancing to techno music in protest.

The Local Reports:

"Clothes off, cartoon masks and music on. The 10 or so young Berliners get naked in seconds, dancing around at a flat viewing in an unusual form of protest at quickly rising rent rates in their city.

Bopping around in the buff in the living room of this apartment in the formerly communist East Berlin district of Friedrichshain, the demonstrators quickly drew the ire of the estate agent conducting the viewing.

"Get out! I'm calling the police," he screamed, trying in vain to grab one of the naked dancers as techno music boomed."


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