6 Chinese IPOs Next Week

China mania! Starting Monday: Chinese IPO week! Huh? In a ho-hum year for IPOs, traders are bracing for SIX Chinese IPOs next week, the largest number of Chinese deals in a single week ever.

What's up? There's big interest in Chinese IPOs, and they have been outperforming U.S.-based IPOs. Whether that continues is debatable. As soon as we see a deal that doesn't work, the Chinese IPOs already out there may trade lower, traders tell me.

For 2010, bankers have priced 32 Chinese IPOs (and counting) in the U.S. capital markets, according to IPOScoop. That makes it the largest year ever — the previous was 31 in 2007.

Two in particular are attracting attention:

1) Youku.com (YOKU), which operates an internet television/online video portal (think YouTube of China).

2) E-Commerce China Dangdang (DANG), the country's largest online book retailer and e-commerce platform (think Amazon of China).

But there are others on the slate for next week:

3) Bona Film Group (BONA), a distributor of domestic films;

4) Lentuo International (LAS), the largest private automobile retailer in Beijing;

5) SemiLEDs Corporation (LEDS), manufactures LED chips and components for general lighting;

6) Sky-mobi Limited (MOBI), China's largest mobile application store (backed by Sequoia).

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