Elaine Kaufman Has Died

Elaine Kaufman, the owner of the legendary Upper East Side saloon, died shortly after noon today.

Elaine Kaufman
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Elaine Kaufman

The bar, Elaine's, was a hang out of writers, cops, mobsters, investment bankers and at least a few financial journalists. It's where I first met Ash Bennington.

My mother, Lucy Carney, was once thrown out of Elaine's for not drinking enough.

Last year, Vanity Fair described the scene at Elaine's.

"It’s less widely known that her fabled restaurant is a seat-of-your-pants meritocracy where, on any given night, the regulars might include a brain surgeon, a Catholic priest, a children’s-book editor, an F.B.I. agent, a Pulitzer Prize–winning historian, the editor of the New York Post, a quiet poet, the former chief of the New York Fire Department, a first-baseman for the Mets, the governor, and various riffraff and cops (and myself)," John Heilpern wrote.

Rest in peace.