Buy What China Wants – It Will Rise: Charts

Companies that produce goods that are in demand in China could see further strong growth ahead, Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, told CNBC Monday.

"It's the stocks whose growth relates to China and the growth in Asia. The world story hasn't changed. The place where the growth is is Asia, the things that Asians want are the things that are going to grow in the West," he said.

Shares of German automakers and UK listed mining companies could see strong gains ahead because of their backing in Asia, he said.

BMW "is going up and it's going up really rapidly," he said, adding that other German automakers such as Porsche, Daimler are seeing a similar trend.

"The DAX looks as though it will hit 8,000 (points), another 15 percent up from here, so the next resistance level and it will be lead by all the car companies," he said.

London-listed mining stocks such as BHP Billiton , Rio Tinto and Antofagasta are in strong demand because of their connection to China, Griffiths pointed out.

Even though these stocks aren't necessarily cheap, they can "get a lot more expensive before they peak out," he said.

The fact that Europe is beginning to add liquidity through asset buying is making the trend more exaggerated, he said.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Composite Index is the "weak link" and is currently "on a knife edge," meaning it could break sharply higher or lower.

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