“Amazingly Energized Woman” Leaves Me Exhausted

Like most of you, I try to shove 25/8 into a 24/7 week.

In December, it's more like 29/10.

This time of year is particularly exhausting, between work (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and home (Thanksgiving, Christmas).

Woman biting lip
Max Oppenheim | Digital Vision | Getty Images
Woman biting lip

Don't get me wrong!

I love having a job! I love having a family to shop for! I'm very blessed and I'm very healthy.

I'm also very, very tired.

And, apparently, a total loser.

"Getting it all done while enjoying life takes the right attitude and energy," blares the press release I received from Centrum, the vitamin company owned by Pfizer . The company has launched a search for "America's Most Amazingly Energized Woman", where consumers nominate someone "who lives life and love to the fullest during the busiest time of the year".

I won't be nominated, I can assure you. My skills as "CEO of the family" are best exemplified by this video of a mother duck.

However, others can enter at LoveFeelingHealthy.com. Centrum is engaging the talents of comedian Molly Shannon to promote the contest. Shannon gives tips on the web site about getting through the holidays, like "Tip #2: TURN ANY ACTIVITY INTO A GAME—I love getting my kids to help with the holiday tasks. I find stuff for them to do that they find fun...like setting the table."

Please, teach me the game that gets your kids to set the table.

"Despite a calendar full of parties to plan and gifts to wrap, there are always those special women who manage to get everything done with a smile on their face," says Centrum. We all know such women.

We hate them.

Still, if that's you, my hat's off to you. It takes more than multivitamins to accomplish that—send some upbeat energy my way around 2p every afternoon.

The top five nominees in the contest will be put up to a vote, and the woman determined to be The Most Amazingly Energized will receive "dozens of exciting adventures to share with everyone she cares about." Only such a woman could appreciate an adventure after the holidays.


I'll be the one on the couch in my robe watching the Rose Parade on TV.

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