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Quiz: QUIZ: Orphan Brands For Sale

Question 2 of 10

What electronics chain featured live musical acts who entertained patrons with product demonstrations?

  1. Best Buy
  2. Incredible Universe
  3. Media Galaxy
  4. P.C. Richard & Sons

Incredible Universe was founded in 1992, and rather than just sell computers in a standard retail environment, founder Jon Roach felt that the stores should offer something special. Taking a cue from Disney World, the shopper buying an ergonomically correct keyboard would be treated to live entertainment in the form of musical product demonstrations performed by the store's employees. There was also a day care facility where parents could drop off their kids as they shopped, and a McDonald's to placate them with McNuggets when the experience was over. Unfortunately the huge cost associated with running these facilities proved deadly to the chain, and only six of its locations ever saw a profit. Those locations were purchased by Fry's Electronics in 1996, and the remaining outlets were sold.

SOURCE: Fry's Buys Six Incredible Universe Stores | Silicone Valley / San Jose Business Journal