Gen Y's Think Investing Is 'Fun': Scottrade CEO

Generation Y’s enthusiastic interest in investing bodes well for the online investing community and the future, Scottrade CEO, president and founder Rodger Riney told CNBC Tuesday.

“So many of Gen Y’s think that investing is fun and enjoyable,” said Riney, whose company opened its 500 office Tuesday, in New York City. The generation, who are under the age of 27 now, are very comfortable making trades online, using mobile devices, for example.

Riney said Scottrade determined this Gen Y trend and others by surveying investors.

Scottrade started in 1980 and offers a combination of online services and bricks-and-mortar offices.

The survey also found that 68 percent of investors were concerned about their finances. Among seniors, less than half, or 47 percent, said they were worried.

However, said Riney, overall 43 percent think the market will be higher a year from now, and 40 percent said they would return to the market next year.