Lightning Round: Netflix, Motricity, Walmart and More

Netflix : With news that the chief financial officer has left the company, Cramer told viewers to wait until they find out why before buying. He also reiterated his position that shareholders should sell half their position in NFLX given the run this stock has had.

Motricity : The caller had bought MOTR at $30, but it’s now down to $24 and change. Cramer said he shouldn’t buy more unless the stock dips to $20. “It has to go to $20 before it’s meaningful for your basis,” Cramer said.

J2 Global Communications : Take profits on JCOM, Cramer said, after its run. Plus, it lacks the revenue growth seen in .

Riverbed Technology : As much as Cramer likes this stock, he thinks it’s up too much to recommend right now. Investors should wait for a pullback before buying.

Cirrus Logic : Cramer first recommended the stock at $12, and he still liked it at $20. But with CRUS now at $16, he thinks investors should wait until the next quarter before buying again.

Walmart : Go with Macy’s instead, Cramer said.

U.S. Natural Gas : Stay away from UNG, Cramer said.

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