Gold Poll: Would You Buy Metal, ETFs or Trinkets?

Gold bounced to new highs, above $1,430 per ounce this week (although it dipped down Wednesday), and many investors see the precious metal rising much higher.

Tiffany Somerset bangle retails at $1,350 on
Tiffany Somerset bangle retails at $1,350 on

It's a must-have for your portfolio, and the demand picture looks strong.

I was thinking about those gold ETFs (see Herb Greenberg's story).

And then I thought about how some people might really like to buy gold this time of year.

So for the gift givers and self-gifters, tell us: would you rather buy one of those ETFs, or maybe this bangle from Tiffany's (above) instead?

Don't get all scientific about weight. Just tell us your gut feeling.

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