What's On: Best Buy, Sanderson Farms, Economic Data

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's all about retail, taxes, turn around stories and all-time highs. We start with Best Buy. The stock is up 34 percent since the beginning of September. Today, we find out if the chain was successfully able to get consumers to start their holiday shopping early and how the rest of the season is shaping up. It's key to whether investors should buy into the stock's recent rally.

--From retail to chicken, Sanderson Farms is out with results. The stock is down 20 percent since April. One reason is rising corn prices. But are the fears overblown and is the stock a buy on the numbers?

--Employment, sales and capital spending — all key elements to the recovery. Today, America's CEOs tell us what they're expecting to see on the jobs, demand and spending fronts in 2011 first on Squawk on the Street.

--Investing isn't just about knowing when to buy, but also knowing when to sell. With copper at all time highs, we'll hear from one fund manager who's calling this his stay away trade.

--All that plus, breaking economic data and immediate market reaction straight up at 10am ET.