Wikileaks, The Game

Julian Assange
Getty Images
Julian Assange

Love Julian Assange?

Hate him?

Now is your chance to manipulate him.

A new online game lets you move the Wikileaks founder around the Oval Office. Once President Obama falls asleep, you can have Assange access his computer and start downloading files. ?

The game was created by 21-year-old Sebastiaan Moeys for French gaming site ("games games games").

Moeys claims that millions of people have already played the game in just the first few days of its release. "We didn't plan for this to be a smash hit. We created it as a sort of joke, a social commentary on a developing story." He said the game has been so popular the site's servers have been strained. "We had a really difficult time keeping everything online."

Let me tell you, playing the game is harder than it looks. The President waking up, seeing Assange, and then it's game over.

If only that was true in real life.

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